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Lara hill

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    We understand your concerns about pricing. It is a necessary step we have taken in order for us to continue building high quality educational apps for your kids.

    With a monthly subscription, the child has access to the full Agnitus program, advancing through the curriculum at their own pace and skill level.

    Please let us know what you would consider a fair monthly price? We would appreciate your feedback.

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    Lara hill commented  · 

    I was horrified about the price tag of $15 per month and now it is $7 and I have to say I am still not happy and I still won't be paying this much EVERY MONTH! A learning app as good as yours should be available to everyone and though you of course need to make money you really need to be smarter about your business model. It is just not right to exclude people who can not afford your beautiful product. Here s my suggestion. A normal app costs $1-$2 and you own it forever..... So for your wonderful and comprehensive product how about $2 per month! That's an app purchase every month from every customer, forever!!!!! I'm sure you get the point here. Shouldn't that be sufficiently more than we are paying for anything else? I'm sure you wouldn't get too many complaints at this price, while opening the app to almost everyone. From reading posts from around the Internet, the displeasure shown at your price hikes is very widespread and I'm pretty sure this is not good for your company no matter how good your app. My daughter has come to me so many times asking me to "please make it work" but my response has been to delete it from my daughters ipad altogether. Sad but true. This is my response to your insane price hike. I do not respond well to greed or being hijacked. This is what I feel like your company has done, we went from a full functioning app that my chiles loved and used to now being held to ransom... Not clever. I and many other parents look forward to hearing that you have reconsidered your position.

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