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What are grades and how are they calculated?

Our new percentile based grading system is just one more way that Agnitus is helping you to be a part of your children’s adventure in learning!  In addition to our detailed Skill Reports, which continue to show you your children's accuracy with each kind of activity, Agnitus’s grades now give feedback about how each child’s performance compares to others.

As your children play, the accuracy and speed of their performance is compared to children of the same age from around the world, with "grades" being awarded as follows:

A+   reflects a performance only demonstrated by the top 10% in the world
A     reflects a performance only demonstrated by the top 20% in the world
B+   indicates a performance well above average
B    indicates a performance just above average
C+  indicates a performance just below average
C    reflects a below average performance
F    may indicate when additional assistance or time is needed to develop a skill

Additional Information:
These are not your typical "grades".  And that's a good thing!  They do not reflect whether or not a child has mastered particular content.  That is what you can find in our general "Skill Reports".  What the "Grade Reports" communicate, is how well a child is performing, over time, compared to their international peers.  Only once enough information has been gathered from a skill's games can a grade be calculated.  Your child may need to play a skill's games for a few days before a grade will be shown.  And grades can change over time, but only when a child's rate of learning changes, accelerating or slowing down.

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