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  1. Agnitus Learning Program does not start, what should I do?

  2. Are the In-App Purchases or unlocking the skills via Facebook Share/Email Friends available?

  3. Can I compare the reports of all the children for each skill?

  4. Can I delete a skill or storybook?

  5. Can I re-adjust the levels of different skills?

  6. Can I see all the children’s activity at the same time?

  7. Can I see the achievements of my child if I have not signed up?

  8. Can I share my child’s achievements on Facebook if I do not have the Facebook app installed?

  9. Can I share my child’s achievements on Twitter as well?

  10. Can I upgrade or downgrade my current subscription plan?

  11. Crashes in Agnitus 2.1 version

  12. Do I have to subscribe separately for all the children profiles I create?

  13. How are grades calculated and what they mean?

  14. How can I backup my child’s data?

  15. How can I change the child’s profile from “Report” tab?

  16. How can I change the frequency of questions in a skill?

  17. How can I delete child’s profile?

  18. How can I delete my account?

  19. How can I edit my child’s info?

  20. How can I get reports via email?

  21. How can I select a skill on Multiple Child Report?

  22. How can I sign out of my account?

  23. How can I switch between different children’s profiles?

  24. How can I sync multiple devices with the same account?

  25. How can I turn off the Facebook posts?

  26. How can I update my email address and password?

  27. How can I view my child's "Completed Skills" report?

  28. How do I send my child's progress report to multiple recipients?

  29. How do I setup multiple iPads in a class?

  30. How do I view my child’s Detailed Skill Report?

  31. How to add multiple child profiles?

  32. How to cancel my subscription or trial?

  33. How to get a refund?

  34. How to re-adjust your app configuration after accidental app delete?

  35. How to recover password?

  36. How to reset your child’s profile?

  37. How to subscribe in Agnitus Learning Program?

  38. How to turn off animation videos?

  39. How to unlock already purchased skills?

  40. How to unsubscribe from the weekly email reports?

  41. I am an existing user of Agnitus. What happens after 7-days, if I do not sign up for monthly subscription?

  42. I am an existing user, how does the new subscription affect me?

  43. I don’t want my child to access the Parent Dashboard, how do I stop him/her?

  44. I had made in-app purchases in Agnitus, what happens to them?

  45. I had purchased Agnitus in-app purchases, but with the new update they are now locked?

  46. I see no achievement on the “Activity Feed”, why is that?

  47. Is my child’s information secure and private?

  48. Is my child’s information secure and private?

  49. Is there an iPhone version of this app?

  50. My child is finding a skill difficult to play, why is that?

  51. Some skills are not suitable for my child, how should I disable them?

  52. What are curriculum based games?

  53. What are grades and how are they calculated?

  54. What do I get with the monthly subscription plan?

  55. What does "Email Report" do?

  56. What does "Frequency" mean in Teachers Controls?

  57. What does "Restore In-App Purchases" button do?

  58. What does subscription mean?

  59. What happens if I do not renew my monthly subscription?

  60. What happens if I subscribe with guest account?

  61. What happens if my monthly subscription or trial period expires?

  62. What if I forgot my passcode to the parent dashboard?

  63. What is the purpose of “Activity Feed”?

  64. What is the tuition waiver code?

  65. Which devices are supported by Agnitus Learning Program?

  66. Why am I not able to see all the skill reports?

  67. Why did you introduce monthly subscription?

  68. Why my child's average is 0 min for few skills in Weekly Report Email

  69. Why should I backup my child’s data?

  70. Why should I sign up with Agnitus?

  71. Will my subscription cover the upcoming skills?

  72. Will the subscription automatically cancel upon deleting the account?

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