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Fix your videos so they do not allow full access to Youtube

Right now children using Agnitus with Animation Videos turned on in Settings have full access to Youtube. I found my 3-year-old upset because she had clicked from an Agnitus "Animation Video" into what she thought was a "halloween video" on Youtube -- which was actually a raunchy halloween prank video with lots of bad gore and worse high school humor.

Completely turning off the Animation Videos has made my daughter very upset because she loves the Icky videos she unlocks, and I want her to be rewarded with these videos. But after the experience the other day, I've disabled them and now I suffer the wrath of a toddler.

I'm also disturbed that after charging us an arm+leg for this service, you are still using free, sub-par Youtube videos in your app? Please upgrade to a real video service--there are a million of them, and you owe it to the children you serve.

Here is the bug reproduction steps:

1. Watch an Animation Video
2. Scrub to the end of the video
3. Click all the "related videos" as much as you wish

For a quick fix, you might suggest that your developers add the rel=0 attribute to your video embeds to turn off related videos on Youtube. Here's a tutorial for how to do that: http://illuminea.com/remove-related-videos-from-end-of-embedded-youtube-video/

But please buck up and start acting like a big boy company. This is amateur-hour stuff, embedding your educational videos via Youtube. I'm appalled by the decision. I will certainly not be renewing our subscription if this is not fixed.

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Thank you for identifying the bug in our app. We really appreciate your help.

This issue was appearing only with our ABC song video that we have fixed now.


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