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    We understand your concerns about pricing. It is a necessary step we have taken in order for us to continue building high quality educational apps for your kids.

    With a monthly subscription, the child has access to the full Agnitus program, advancing through the curriculum at their own pace and skill level.

    Please let us know what you would consider a fair monthly price? We would appreciate your feedback.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I understand and appreciate that adding new content requires a constant flow of income, But I too find $7/month ($85/yr) tough to swallow. I feel like we're being asked to pay for the cost of creating your whole content base without the benefit of using any of the content if we stop paying.

    I also appreciate your statement:
    "Our vision is to provide parents a single app experience where they know what their children are learning and they don’t need to worry about constantly searching or downloading new apps."
    By that reasoning, it would make sense to match, or come close, to how much we might otherwise be spending on other apps monthly. Unfortunately (for Agnitus) there are many other free and super cheap options available. I usually spend $0-$2/month on apps.

    I think you should offer a choice of a one time fee ($20-$30) or a nominal monthly subscription $1-$2/month.

    If the price doesn't drop soon, I will need to cancel my membership even though this will make me (and my son) quite sad.

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