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    We understand your concerns about pricing. It is a necessary step we have taken in order for us to continue building high quality educational apps for your kids.

    With a monthly subscription, the child has access to the full Agnitus program, advancing through the curriculum at their own pace and skill level.

    Please let us know what you would consider a fair monthly price? We would appreciate your feedback.

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    Jennie commented  · 

    I am sorry agnitus, but you shouldn't be punishing children for their parents being poor. My 2.5 year old loved this app as she is very smart and it challenged her mind, and she used to sit for hours playing these games, however we have accepted your offer of a free trial of your new version, which gave her 2 games and 2 books and quite frankly she got bored within 2 minutes and was so upset that she though your galaxy tab at the floor. I don't understand why every time my GIFTED child finds something that challenges her, selfish companies seem to think they have the right to discriminate against her either because she has the smarts to start school in September or because her parents are poor and can not afford to pay the stupid prices asked for her to continue and enjoy learning. your monthly subscription to access your games should be FREE!! If you want to charge for your reporting side then that's up to you, to be quite honest most parents can tell how their child is doing by watching they play. Yours sincerly, one very disappointed parent with one very upset little girl

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